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List of Related Sites

Website Topics Form of contents Organization
Center for Cooperative Research US foreign policy
human rights
Commentary with links topics, subtopics, "timelines"
Failure Is Impossible domestic politics, mostly related to George W. Bush's administration Links to online newspaper and magazine articles Topic hierarchy
Foreign Policy In Focus US foreign policy and related original articles content grouped by topic and separately by world region; hierarchies are shallow
Government Information Awareness individuals and organizations in or related to the US Government   organizational hierarchies and search engine
The Memory Hole Wide range, largely directed at people and organizations with power excerpts of archival material (articles, memos, testimony) various, including topical and title indexes
NameBase Wide range, largely directed at people and organizations with power commentaries, archival material, database of names and organizations topic index, name search, extensive bibliography
The National Priorities Project US government budget allocation customized reports on federal spending reports on federal spending generated dynamically from database, based on topic and US state domestic and foreign policy mainly links to sites topic hierarchy issues of national political interest Introductory discussion with tabular pros and cons; entire copies of articles publishes elsewhere (overview articles, as well as articles on both sides of a debate); hierarchical lists of links topic hierarchy
Politics1 electoral and domestic politics mainly links to sites shallow topic hierarchy issues of national political interest For each issue, background facts and data are presented; comparisons are made of the different positions commonly taken; and contact information of relevant advocacy groups is provided. shallow topic hierarchy
t r u t h o u t variety of topics mainly copies of press releases by legislative and other figures of authority shallow topic hierarchy


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