Display and Search Subjects


This feature allows you to list or search on subjects appearing in summaries of newspaper articles, books, and so on.


Subjects consist of:

Step 1: The subject is
a person
an organization
a geographic place
a general term<1>
Any of the above (a person, organization, place, or more general term)
title of a bibliographic item
Step 2: Choose one of the following two options:
Display subjects starting with letter
Search for a subject by name<2>
Step 3:


<1> General terms include military, hypocrisy, presidential administration, certain historic events like Great Depression, more concrete nouns like Head Start and presidential administration of George W. Bush, and so forth. That is, general terms include anything that is not a specific person, place, or formal organization.
<2> For people's names
  • type the last name, or its beginning;
  • for names lacking a last name, like Richard II, type the beginning of the first name.
For any other topics,
  • type a keyword or keywords that occur in the subject;
  • type the entire words, not just their beginnings.

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